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Transport to and from school (1)

Learners can come to school with their family, independently (if at secondary
school, and permission is given) or via the ICS school bus. This service is
provided by our year-round transport provider, ensuring safety and reliability.

In order not to exceed 45 minutes per trip, only students living in zones 1 and
2 in London can be picked up by our school buses (2).


  • Bus pick up and drop off = £85/week

Airport/Train station transfers (3)

Upon arrival in London, ICS students can be picked up from London’s various
airports (Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Luton and London City) and St Pancras station (4).

Students 16 and over : Upon arrival, students should make their way to the
exit of the terminal where they will be met by our reception team who will be
holding a visible ICS sign.
Students under 16 : The ICS reception team will collect students directly from
the relevant transport company (airline or Eurostar).

Upon their return, ICS will accompany all students until check-in and will only
leave the airport or train station after the student has left the country. ICS will
provide students and parents with the mobile phone number of the person in
charge of the transfer.


  • Airport pick up and drop off = £100/one way



(1) students staying at our Nutford Place residence do not require the school bus service.

(2) specific areas of zone 3 are on our bus routes, but not all. For more information, please contact Summer School Admissions.

(3) transfers for residents of Nutford Place are arranged by ICS.

(4) please ensure that your children travel with an authorization to leave their country of residence. Please note that the Eurostar from Paris or Brussels does not handle unaccompanied minors under 12 years old.

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