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Eye News is a student-led blog that serves as a platform for our members to practise and showcase our writing abilities. It also allows us to share our personal interests (whether it is in relation to the school or not). 

Sophia, a former ICS Student established the club in September 2013 with hopes of promoting her passion for writing. She was able to encourage other ICS students to also practise their literary skills and share their passions.

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The current blog on showcases our official logo, a series of events and of course, our monthly issues. School events, past and recent issues, as well as the history of establishment are linked from the top navigation bar. Members meet twice every month to discuss their writing and share information on our amazing clubs. 


This year, we continue the tradition of hosting a fundraiser called 'Eye News Day'. This raises money to buy personalised good which will serve as a reward to the hard work spent by our members

This year, Batrisyia is our editor. To honour our past leader, Teresa, we will continue to spend our best effort in making sure the club flourishes. The link for the new blog is provided below:

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