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ICS prides itself on being able to provide support for pupils in our care that have a learning disability.

Provided that the difficulties can be equated as being mild to moderate, and the student is able to function within a mainstream academic setting, we will support their individual learning needs across our Primary, Middle and Diploma Programmes.

We are proud that we successfully include children with a variety of linguistic, cultural, emotional and mild as well as moderate learning differences in our school. We are a multidisciplinary team of teachers, therapists, specialists and leaders who work together to share responsibility for all children and to understand their needs as best as possible.

We ensure that every student is an equally valued member of the school community. We provide an environment where students learn, progress, and are happy. Students with learning differences are welcomed, encouraged, and expected to join in all school activities, as long as safety and learning is ensured.

Furthermore, we offer a personalised approach and use students’ strengths to overcome weaknesses. We provide a full spectrum of student support, including services for students identified with difficulties through standardized assessment. Our school-based therapists work with the ICS faculty to ensure that students benefit from therapeutic interventions.

Occupational therapists work with staff to develop necessary interventions. Speech and Language Therapists work with teachers to ensure communication and language development. Counselors work to help students grow in awareness and understanding of themselves. We connect all therapies and interventions so students gain the maximum benefit from interventions provided.

The Learning support teachers work with our students in 1:1 or group settings in order to meet their needs and ensure that all students make excellent progress toward their goals. Moreover, support in class through using a co-teaching model makes sure that the curriculum is differentiated and is accessible to all students. We review progress frequently and modify our provision accordingly.

IB Examinations – MYP and Diploma

We work closely with the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) to ensure that students who require accommodations under examination settings receive the necessary support required so that they can excel.

Accommodations have included: extra time, taking examinations in separate examination rooms, having a scribe, use of reader, and supervised rest breaks.

Since there is no connection between learning difficulties and levels of intelligence, with the appropriate help and a carefully co-ordinated development strategy, at ICS we aim to ensure that all students, whatever their needs, are able to fulfill their academic potential and achieve high levels of excellence within the School.