Online tool brings learning home

ICS began using the online platform, Seesaw, this academic year, to share learning with parents. Teachers and students are able to post examples of learning from their work to Seesaw.

We hope you are enjoying the opportunity to see the samples of work that your child has completed. There is also video of learning in action. We have found this online tool useful for sharing examples of learning in early primary.

Some of the learning samples shared are placed in online portfolio folders. Teachers use this as a focus for reflection. Reflection on learning helps students to break down their understanding.

The online portfolios show the progress a child is making over the year.

ICS primary would like to welcome all parents with their child(ren) to the student - led conferences. At these conferences students will be sharing workbooks and examples of learning. It is a chance to look at the progress students have made across subjects. You can also see the classroom environment, and visit other rooms in the school used by the children.

Ben Toettcher