International team attempting land speed record comes to London

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to host a Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) event at ICS which will excite and challenge our children. The event will open doors to a project that is rich in teaching resources which we and our children can utilise in the academic year ahead. We also hope the project will inspire the next generation of mathematicians, technologists, scientists and engineers!

In a nutshell, a supersonic car (SSC) is being developed in the UK by a multidisciplinary team, with the aim of breaking the current land speed record. The current record was set in 1997, when Thrust SSC achieved speeds of 763.035 mi/h (1,227.985 km/h) in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. The new car ‘Bloodhound SSC’ is being designed to reach a speed of 1000 miles per hour (mi/h).   

On June 21st, in Wyndham Place Hall, our students from PYP 4,5,6 and MYP1 will be able to explore and experience the new supersonic car ‘Bloodhound SSC’ with the following workshops:

Workshop: Tour and Explore the Bloodhound Car

The interactive car consists of touch screen panels, which depict the Bloodhound story. Students will use the Modular car, a full size model of the Bloodhound SSC, through an ‘interactive guided tour’ of the car and its components. They will be able to observe and understand the design challenges and science that goes into designing & building a 1,000 mph car. In addition, they will have an opportunity to explore key components (i.e. model of the hybrid rocket, wheel, steering wheel and a 3D printed display). It will also incorporate hands-on engagement to demonstrate shock-waves, friction, reaction times and combustion. There is an opportunity for some pupils to experience the driving simulator. 

Workshop: K’nex Cars

Students will work in teams to design, build, test and modify their K’nex car. The finished product is required to travel in a straight line as far as possible. Students will make informed and appropriate decisions about the size and shape of their car, its wheels and the method they will use to secure the rocket that will power it. All students will race and measure the performance of their car (using air-powered launcher) and the session will close with a discussion about what worked well and what further improvements they could make to their cars. This is a practical way of understanding the mathematics involved in the performance of Bloodhound SSC. This relates nicely to the engineering process and clearly links to what the Bloodhound engineering team does.

Workshop: Desert Living

When Bloodhound SSC attempts the World Land Speed Record in South Africa, the team will need to live in the desert for an extended period. Pupils will be given a brief of Hakskeen Pan and asked to produce a comprehensive plan of a suitable camp, the kit and equipment required for an external stay in the desert. Pupils will work in groups of about 4-5 and are required to work collaboratively and assign roles within the team. At the end of the session, students will be asked to feedback and explain some of their mathematical and scientific understanding to develop solutions to the challenges the desert will present; its ecology and environmental impact. Students will be required to develop a sustainability plan that will ensure the legacy for the future generations in the local area. 

Stay posted as we will share more information in the coming week about this exciting project!

Rose Threlfall
ICS Head of School

See what happened when the Bloodhound team came to ICS!

Ben Toettcher