Hattemer visits ICS and London

Cours Hattemer, Paris, the sister school of International Community School, London visited London for 5 days this month.

Hattemer students had English lessons in the morning at ICS. The classes gave them opportunities to express their opinions and debate with other students.

They took part in role plays and language games.  In some lessons they responded to different pieces of music and analysed artworks.

The students also learned about different advertising techniques. They put these in to practice when they pitched their ideas for 'Future transport for London'. This competition was judged by a panel of teachers.

They then visited

  1. Shakespeare's Globe (followed by a drama workshop)
  2. The Tate Modern (scavenger hunt for different elements found in artworks).
  3. The National Gallery (a trail exploring mistakes and mysteries within the artworks)
  4. The Museum of Brands and Packaging (different ways of promoting products)
  5. The Bank of England Museum and the Transport Museum (Lifting a gold bar and seeing busses through the ages)

The ICS course organiser Gosia said:

"The French students received an international welcome from ICS MYP4 class. This was the springboard for their enthusiastic participation in the morning English lessons. Learning about the venues ahead of time prepared them for the afternoon activities".

Acting on student feedback is how we improve the experience of visiting schools.

The top five things that the students liked:

1. Morning lessons were great
2. Lunch time activities were great
3. Activities in venues were great
4. Making friends
5. Best school ever

The top two things that would improve the programme:

1. Longer lunch time activities
2. More time at venues

We encourage schools to get in contact with us to arrange their own trip with ICS.

See London for a week and it will change your life.

Ben Toettcher