Inquiry based learning at its best: an inquiry into students' home cultures


MYP 4 Design class created an interactive video guide to show their home culture through their own eyes. Most students created an iMovie video presented through a blog, a YouTube channel or an ibook.

The videos showed background information, the history of their culture and cuisine. It allowed the creators to address issues raised by the media that may affect tourism rates or opinion on their cultures. Our students wanted to show a different perspective.

One example of this was about Africa and how the media only shows images relating to poverty. They then went on to say that although this may be happening, the continent as a whole is not as sad as the media portrays. They included videos of African culture that we don’t usually see.

Two students created an iBook. You can see different types of food eaten in Australia and the UAE. They included one video each showing how to make their favourite cultural dish. In a video on Brazil, the presenter teach us how to dance, Brazilian style. Another video teaches us how to say a few words in Arabic.

The students said the experience allowed them to become more aware of the cultures of the people in their class. It ensured individuals became more open minded about different cultures and they have become closer as a class as a result.

Click on the video below to see one of our student's final project, or here to go to the ICS Student Blog, the Eye News, where some more are available.

Ben Toettcher