Reflective: 100 days of Happiness

This term, Year 6 teacher Jillian Priestly introduced 100 days of happiness to her students. Each day students write in the journal something they are grateful for. They then read other students entries. Students receive 3 tokens and place a token next to the one that means the most to them. The one with the most votes becomes the thought for the day.

‘I use it to centre my students emotions. The second half of year 6 is an exciting time for my class as they get ready for secondary school.’ Jillian

Year 6's happy thoughts to date are displayed in their classroom on post-it notes. Here is what they chose as a class to be grateful for on day #5:

The students appreciate the time each day to reflect on the bigger picture. This is what the students said about the project:

  • I like it because it makes you think happy for the rest of the day.

  • It makes you aware of the things you have and that other people don't have them.

  • If your positive then it's easier to work.

  • If you think happy then you feel happy.

  • When you are doing a hard project, if you write down a happy thought,  it can give you the energy to carry on with the project.

Ben Toettcher