Caring: ICS will welcome Gemma Cairney for Empathy day on 13th June


ICS Secondary gets ready for Empathy Day on 13 June 2017

Spreading the power of empathy in our divided world and stories as a tool to develop it

Here at ICS Secondary we are proud to be a pioneer school with Empathy Lab UK. This is a new organisation that is using the power of stories to develop greater empathy in young people. This goal connects with our vision to develop Compassionate and Globally Engaged learners.

“Empathy is a pivotal factor in children’s wellbeing - my research identifies its relevance to behaviour, mental health, and achievement at school."
Robin Banerjee, Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Sussex.

On Empathy Day itself, we will be hosting author and presenter Gemma Cairney. Gemma will speak about the importance of empathy at our launch assembly. She will then join a student-led discussion where students will make empathy pledges.

A new Read for Empathy guide for adults living and working with children aged 4-11 is being published on 13 June. It features 21 “must-reads” endorsed by The Sunday Times’ children’s book reviewer Nicolette Jones and is available free from

Watch this space to see what our students achieve on the day. Head to for more information about the neuroscience behind empathy.

Ben Toettcher