As part of the NACE Schools group, ICS is part of a wider global community of schools. NACE owns and operates 51 private schools in Spain, France, Italy, the UK, and more recently, Canada. Andorra and India and is one of the four largest private school groups in the world with international presence, and the largest of its type in the European continent.

Our connection with the schools allows us to offer our students the opportunity to enhance their linguistic studies in both French and Spanish, as well as travel opportunities with educational travel programmes in Canada.

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AGES: 10-17

Dates: 1st July – 28th July

Course length: 1-4 weeks

Language teaching: 3 hours per day

Specialist coaching: 3 hours per day

Maximum class size: 15 students

Levels: All

Residential: 1095€ p/w

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Spanish Plus

Learners build confidence and competence through projects and focused lessons which include group work, worksheets, questionnaires and research tasks.

Students develop critical thinking skills such as problem solving, researching and analysing. Time is spent on activities that encourage students to analyse, evaluate, process and improve their problem solving skills. This approach maximises the students’ abilities through giving students some control over their learning, students feel motivated, determined and independent.

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Spanish Plus Riding

For those students who love riding, the Plus Riding option offers them a fantastic opportunity to combine their passion with language learning. Riding sessions will be a mixture of 3 hours of equestrian in each session, split between up to 1.5 hours riding time and 1.5 hours of practical horsemanship, including stable management and horsemanship lessons.

With a strong focus on the fundamentals for novice riders, as well as freer activities for more advanced riders, our Plus Riding option will allow students to improve their ability and technique.

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Spanish + Watersports

Making use of Lledo’s sunny coastal location our Plus Watersports (including Sailing) option is an ideal way to complement your language lessons.

An exciting opportunity to explore the world of watersports with expert coaching in sailing, canoeing and paddle boarding.

With sessions grouped according to age and experience, all pupils will have the chance to try new things and develop existing skills




Ages: 6-11

Dates: 1st July – 28th July

Course length: 1-4 weeks

Language teaching: 5.5 hours per day

Maximum class size: 12 students

Levels: All


650€ p/w


French Language Programme


We offer French as a Foreign Language (FFL) to non native students with all levels of French (beginner to advanced). Focused on oral expression and socialisation, this programme will allow your children to improve their French language in a stimulating and playful environment.

Every morning, the pupils take French as Foreign Language classes in our school in Paris’s 16th arrondissement. This learning approach also involves an introduction to French culture, excursions will be organised every afternoon to places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and the Musée de l’Homme. There are plenty of opportunities for learners to gain conversational practise during the afternoon.

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The Blyth Academy Group have recently merged with the NACE Schools Group and have opened their exciting array of summer programmes to our older students. These include academic programmes in various international locations such as Costa Rica, the Ecuadorian Amazon and Galapagos.

The programmes span a range of subjects, including the arts, humanities, languages, sciences, maths, business, health, physical leadership as well as Community Service.

ICS students are entitled to a 10% discount on each Blyth summer course.

If you would like to find out more about these programmes, please contact David Chalude, on +33 754 82 27 68 or email: