Learn English In England


Many students around the world are learning English. Most countries offer English as a second or third language at school. Students are turning to apps and online learning to boost their English. So why come to England to learn English?

Learning English in England unlocks the English many students already know. Using English in England is different to using it in your home country. In a class with students from around the world, students must speak English to make friends.

England, in the summer is a glorious place. The streets of London have history. They are also filled with fashion. So coming to England gives students a reason to continue working on their English back home.

Students need to see the benefits of the hours they put in learning English. When students come to England, they imagine living, studying or working in England. This gives them the desire to work at school.

ICS, under Alma Learning Group, is launching new courses this summer. This includes two courses aimed for older teenagers.

Choose one of our British Council accredited courses this summer by booking here.