The English School Experience

Course information




AGE: 3-17



Hours of English per week (1): 27.5

Week: 5 days (Monday to Friday)

In our top programme for English learners, students boost their skills through inspiring activities, projects and London excursions.

Course information
Each week focuses on a particular theme, such as culture, history, commerce, or the environment. The thematic nature of the course means students will not repeat the same
lesson or excursion no matter when
they arrive or for how long they stay.


3-4 years old: nursery
The focus is on creative and play-based learning and the development of communication and social skills. As well as using song, dance, art and construction, children also use drama and music sessions to improve language skills.
Focus on play-based learning at nursery. (2)

5-7 years old: lower primary
Learners are encouraged to work collaboratively through project-led activities. New information is researched by using books, computers and iPads to improve language and communication skills. Weekly excursions take place in central London.
Learn with project-led activities.

8-9 years old: upper primary
Learners take part in exciting discovery-led activities, with a focus on communication skills such as reading and writing. Lessons and activities are linked to a weekly project. Weekly excursions take place in central London.
Learn English with discovery-led activities.

10-17 years old: secondary
Learners build confidence and competence through projects and focused lessons, which include worksheets, questionnaires and research tasks.
Build your confidence with language learning.

I love ICS because I have fantastic teachers and have made great friends.
— Francois, 2016 ICS Summer student
The personalised approach to students made a lasting impression and motivated my son to engage and to improve his behaviour. Excellent work!
— Ishmael , 2016 ICS Summer parent



(1) including all academic subjects and weekly excursions.

(2) ICS will only accept toilet trained students. ICS reserves the right to exclude any student who is not toilet trained. In this case, fees will not be refunded.