3-4 Nursery

Levels: Nursery students are not graded by level

For learners aged 3-4, the focus is on creative play based learning and the development of communication and social skills. Learners also develop their numeracy, communication and cognitive skills in English with specialist nursery teachers.

Activities include playing with toys, sand, construction games, arts and crafts, and songs and rhymes. Outdoor play and sports provide opportunities for children to develop English language and motor skills.

There are also drama and music sessions, which are led by specialist teachers. Every week nursery learners have an Extended Learning Experience, for example animal mask workshops, puppet making and/or an excursion. High ratios of staff supervision on all outside activities mean that children are safe and secure throughout the school day.

Please note: Children must be toilet trained prior to joining the school.

Sample projects and excursions

Nursery Extended Learning Experience 2019

Week Beg



Learning Experience

Week 1

Flower hunt in Regents Park

I love nature


Week 2

Space story hunt


Our universe

Week 3

Animal masks - workshop

Animals: ROAR!

Animal masks

Week 4

Foil mirrors

My body, look at amazing me

Foil mirrors craft

Week 5

Emergency vehicles - craft workshop

People who help us/when I grow up

Emergency vehicle craft

Week 6

Primary and teritary colours: Rainbow mobile

Colours: Colourful world

Working with colour

Week 7

London bus - craft workshop


Getting around London

Week 8

Weather mobile

Weather - rain, rain go away!

The weather

Week 9

Musical instruments

Dance the day away


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