5-7 Lower primary

Ages 5-7: lower primary

Learning English is play based with various project led activities in which learners work collaboratively and are encouraged to communicate in English throughout. Learners take part in hands-on activities, moving around the class, making things and working both collaboratively and independently.

As lessons are project based, we encourage learners to research new information by using books, computers and iPads. English is learnt through a variety of disciplines such as geography, maths, science, art, drama and music as well as English classes. Classes are connected to a weekly project or theme, which is linked to the weekly excursion. All lessons support learners in their language development. Sports lessons combine a number of team games such as football, rounders and dodge ball.

Excursions take place in central London and provide an excellent opportunity for learners to learn outside the classroom, visit some of London’s famous museums and enjoy a day of authentic use of English. High ratios of staff supervision on all outside activities means that children are safe and secure throughout the school day.

Sample projects and excursions

Week Beg




Week 1

Spots and Stripes

Animals in the world

London Zoo

Week 2

Our World

The Environment

Discovery Storytelling Centre

Week 3

When I grow up...

Jobs and Professions


Week 4

Fun and Games

Toys change through time

The Museum of Childhood

Week 5

The Moon & Stars


Greenwich Planetarium

Week 6

Dressing Up

Clothes and Costumes

Little Angel Theatre, Islington

Week 7

Water, water

How we use water

London Wetlands Centre

Week 8

Amazing Me

Looking after our body

Bramley’s Indoor Play Centre

Week 9

Travel through time


London Transport Museum

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