English Language Classes


English Language Classes

At the ICS Summer School, we offer a series of courses depending on age and type of study required. 

We offer a range of language classes for ages 3-17, with specialist university preparation programmes for 16-18 year olds and immersive language learning experiences for 14-17 year olds. 

We have over 35 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language. Our classes are rooted in the best academic rigour. Throughout the year, we operate as a world leading IB, international school, and focus on English language learning during the summer.

Our classes throughout the summer run June 24 - August 23. 


The English School Experience: 3-4 year olds

Dates: 24 June - 23 August

Cost: £595 per week

The focus is on creative and play-based learning and the development of communication and social skills. As well as using song, dance, art and construction, children also use drama and music sessions to improve language skills. 

Focus on play-based learning at nursery.

The English School Experience: 5-7 year olds


Dates: 24 June - 23 August

Cost: £595 per weeK

Learners are encouraged to work collaboratively through project-led activities. New information is researched by using books, computers and iPads to improve language and communication skills. Weekly excursions take place in central London.

Learn with project-led activities.

The English School Experience: 8-9 year olds

Dates: 24 June - 23 August


Learners take part in exciting discovery-led activities, with a focus on communication skills such as reading and writing. Lessons and activities are linked to a weekly project. Weekly excursions take place in central London.

Learn English with discovery-led activities.

The English School Experience: 10-18 year olds


Dates: 24 June - 23 August


Learners build confidence and competence through projects and focused lessons, which include worksheets, questionnaires and research tasks.

Build your confidence with language learning.

Conversational English in London: 14-17 year olds

Dates: 24 June - 23 August


This unique course focuses on the most important aspect of language learning: natural conversation.

Practice your English in London with conversation.

Ticket to UK Universities: 16-18 year olds


Dates: 15 July - 26 july / 29 july - 9 august


This university and IELTS preparation course has been designed to help you in your university application. 

Stand out from the crowd in the competition for places at the world’s top universities.




Teamwork, responsibility, problem solving and critical thinking skills are at the heart of learning.

We make learning fun because we believe that fun motivates learners and helps them to become inquisitive, independent thinkers.

All of our English language programmes aim to develop learners’ confidence in English through age-appropriate themes and activities, a learner-centred approach and collaborative play. Teachers will have qualified teacher status (QTS) and experience in their subject area while English language teachers have, at a minimum, a CELTA qualification with experience in teaching young learners.

We aim to provide learners with authentic opportunities to practise their English, such as:
• Socialising with friends at break time
• Carrying out questionnaires around the school
• Problem solving as a team
• Using English outside of the classroom



ICS is a year-round school and many of our staff join our summer programmes, bringing their extensive experience and expertise. We are also joined by regular specialist summer teachers.

Each of our school sites has a director of studies who is responsible for all activities on site. Teams are made up of qualified, appropriately experienced staff.
Our team has a combination of subject specialists and language specialists. Staff have age-specific teaching qualifications and experience.

We are proud of our international teams who can teach and model language accurately to help all learners in their language development.


teachers_Julie Smith.jpg

Julie Smith

EFL teacher
ICS summer teacher

teachers_Sam Innes.jpg

Sam Innes

EFL teacher
ICS summer teacher

teachers_Emily Johnson.jpg

Emily Johnson

Nursery teacher
ICS academic teacher

teachers_Oliver Keen.jpg

Oliver Keen

Music teacher
ICS summer teacher

teachers_Gemma Piedrabuena.jpg

Gemma Piedrabuena

Learning Support Assistant
ICS academic teacher