ICS is accredited by the British council


ICS summer schools are British Council accredited.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and education. They have an accreditation unit for English Language schools called Accreditation UK. This department gives an assurance of quality to international students who are studying English language in the UK.

The British Council has accredited ICS's summer school for 30 years. The standards cover all aspects of a school. This includes management, resources & environment. It also reviews teaching & learning, welfare & student services, and the care of under 18s. The British Council highlights excellence as an area of strength.

In our last report, ICS received 30 areas of strength. This places ICS in the top 10% of English Language schools in the UK. The EL Gazette reviews all British Council reports. It has awarded ICS its Centre of Excellence mark.

There has been a good exchange of ideas between ICS and British Council over the years. The British Council relies on seeing how the best schools work. They then build the criteria to judge other schools. Our relationship with the Council will continue to develop.

ICS, under Alma Learning Group, will bring in new courses this summer. This includes two courses aimed for older teenagers.

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