We are delighted to announce the news that ICS has been integrated into the NACE Schools group.

The School’s faculty and parents were joined by Sergio Gonzalez Andion (NACE CEO) and Daniel Jones (NACE Educational Director) for the announcement of the news.

As Sergio shared, NACE owns and operates 29 private schools in Spain, France, Italy, the UK, Andorra and India and is one of the four largest private school groups in the world with international presence, and the largest of its type in the European continent. The schools in NACE cover all educational phases, i.e. EYFS, primary, secondary and sixth form. The group also offers vocational training. 

Furthermore, NACE Schools’ mission is to prepare each student to live successfully in a globalized world. This educational mission is offered to more than 14.000 students in the six countries where the schools operate.

As Rose Threlfall, Head of ICS stated, ‘Becoming part of NACE Schools will be of great value to our students and faculty. Students will benefit as they already do from the family atmosphere of our small school, but will now have access to the advantages that only big schools can offer’. In practice this translates, among other things, to participation in NACE events organized for all the group’s schools. NACE’s presence in different countries allows for ‘celebrations of learning’ at multicultural events with the participation of all schools. Currently five events take place every year: International Music Week, NACE Model United Nations, Academic Olympics, NACE Sports Olympics and the Virtual Arts Competition. In addition, students participate in several International exchange programs during the year and have access to the Stonar school (an independent school with a specialist and renowned equestrian centre) in the UK.


In addition, being part of a school network like NACE, will allow ICS to share best practice and generate and implement innovative ideas. The School will have the opportunity to speak openly with other schools about things that work well and others that do not, and the possibility of testing new methodologies and technologies knowing the advantages and risks in advance. ICS will also benefit from a stronger capacity to design and implement teaching

and learning programs that work best thanks to the support and counselling of worldwide specialists with relevant experience in all educational areas.


Belonging to a network of schools will also help ICS understand and improve its performance both in the academic and non-academic realms. The School will have access to detailed academic results from other schools with which to compare and define both its strengths and the improvement opportunities. ICS will also benefit professionally from collaboration with NACE’s Educational Director, Daniel Jones, an experienced international professional and his team.


Lastly, ICS will benefit from the support of NACE’s Corporate centre that include central services for Human Resources, Admissions & Marketing, Organization and Systems and Finance. Under this model the School can fully dedicate itself to what is really important, the quality of teaching and learning.


The School’s integration into the NACE Schools group will be done in a way that guarantees ICS’ continuity. The School will not change its philosophy nor its educational programmes.


Rose Threlfall concluded that ‘Today ICS starts a new stage in its history. I am convinced that being part of the NACE Schools group will have tremendous value for our students and teachers. I look to the future full of enthusiasm and confidence’.


Rose Threlfall

Head of School

Tam Ben-Jusu