ICS IB Diploma 2018 graduation held

Class of 2018.png

On Friday the 18th May, the annual ICS Diploma graduation was held. This is always a very special evening, where the ICS community is given the opportunity to reflect and celebrate all that the Diploma 2 students have achieved over the past two years.

Once again, it was a joyous gathering of celebration and enjoyment, where the hard work and dedication the Diploma 2 students have shown was recognised.

The students received their ICS graduation certificates from their Diploma tutors and speeches were given by Miss Rose, Miss Brenda and Miss Joanna. However, the final speech of the evening was given by Diploma 2 student Cayla Bilyeu, who paid tribute to the strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie that had been formed by the DP 2 classmates, which was evident to all present.

What a fitting ending to an exceptional evening!

Maria Leonard