Yeah, world--it's me!

Hi! I am Zoya, a Year 6 student at International Community School.

I have realised something in my life that is: don’t be afraid of what will come, but be strong, because we can’t stop anything which comes-–but we can make it better. This attitude is what makes life fun; that’s how you learn and grow into a beautiful flower.

Have you ever seen a bubble? They often go in the same way because of the wind which is their influence. The bubbles are like us. If the wind goes up, the bubble goes up; if down, then down.

When there is too much wind from different sides, it’s just going to send the bubble in different directions. So in the same way, if there’s too much influence on us with different points of view, sometimes catching your dream becomes impossible. You get confused, you can’t do it your way! If someone else comes along and says it’s gonna be impossible for you, then they destroy the dream and you pop!

You face challenges and sometimes lose hope, but at ICS I found that lost treasure and gained back my confidence and all the respect I should have given my dream.

I remember the first time I came to ICS, I asked my teacher Jill, ‘What do I use-–a pen or a pencil?’ ‘

She just said, ‘Use anything, just give me your work.’ That’s when I realised, I just have to do my best, no matter how I do it.

I had many experiences where I thought of giving up, but like they say, ‘Success comes in life when you simply refuse to give up.’ Words and inspiring quotes can help me get myself back together.

In my past school I had to stick with the thoughts of another person rather than my own. So when someone asked me a question, I answered it ‘inside the box’. Now, at ICS, I get to express my ideas ‘outside of the box’.

Here I got to show my creativity. I got to experience more freedom. Whatever you do, just always know that there are people to support you in your dreams. My family and teachers have supported me in following my dreams!

I am really lucky to be standing here, having taken action and with most of my dreams having become true and standing with a tall proud flag saying, ‘Yeah, world--it's me!’

Neil Young