How old is ICS?

 ICS was founded in 1979 and has served international and UK families for 40 years.

Do you supply Tier 4 student visas?

Yes. ICS is a Tier 4 Sponsor.

How long will it take you to make a decision about our application?

Once a candidates’ admissions folder is complete, our team will make a decision within two weeks and often quicker than this.

Do you have a school bus service?

Yes. The bus service serves most of central London.

What is the average length of stay?

From 1 to 5+ years. Our families are internationally mobile, so there is about a 25% turnover each year in our population.

What are the age requirements for each year group?

Please refer to our Year Group Guide HERE.

From what age do you accept students?

Children must be three years old by the 1st September of the year they join our Nursery class.

How many students attend ICS and what are your class sizes?

Typically it is around 16 students, but class size will vary according to options and subjects studied.

What are your school hours?

Primary School: Monday to Thursday from 0845 - 1525 and on Friday’s 0845 - 14.10

Secondary School: 0845 - 1545 Monday to Friday

Do you offer after-school clubs?

Yes. See Primary Clubs HERE and Secondary Clubs HERE.

Where do ICS students come from?

We are a truly international school with 65+ different countries represented in our mainstream and summer school.

Are students all multi-lingual?

The majority of our students speak two or more languages including English .

Does the school offer any EAL (English as Additional Language) support?

Yes. During the admissions process, the level of English of each child is assessed to ensure they can access the full curriculum which is taught in English. The level of English required for entry into each year group increases with age.  See levels of English required HERE.

Does the school offer support for children with learning differences?

Yes. Please see our overview of our Primary and Secondary Support programme HERE.

Is ICS part of a group of schools?

Yes. ICS is a member of the NACE International Schools Group. See more information HERE.

How successful are your students?

Very! Take a look at our IB Diploma and MYP results to see how we achieve above the international norm across both programmes. Whilst there is no examination in the PYP Programme, external benchmarking tests demonstrate above average attainment for our young learners.

What extracurricular opportunities do you offer?

Each day Monday to Thursday at both schools there is a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities that the children may select from. These typically run from the end of the school day to about 1630/1700

Do you offer summer courses?

Yes. We offer language programmes in English (in London), French (in Paris) and Spanish (in Spain). We also offer a range of international adventure programmes for students aged 14 plus in the Galapagos, Costa Rica and beyond. See our exciting programmes HERE.

How does your curriculum align with my home country?

Some of our children join us from other IB schools from around the world. IB schools share a common programme of inquiry so there is little issue transitioning into ICS programmes.

We generally find that if children are doing well in their current school and are, self-motivated, inquisitive, open to feedback and collaborative, that they will thrive at ICS.

Do you offer lunch to students?

Yes. Lunch is included in our school fees and is served at each school. A three-week menu is available from the school which outlines our daily menus and ingredients used.

Is there a school uniform?

Primary School: Our children wear an informal and practical uniform on the top half of their bodies all available online upon arrival in the UK.

Secondary: there is no uniform and we expect our students to dress smart-casual.

Do students get free time/play time during the day?

Primary: there are two main breaks a day with the long break at lunchtime taken in Regent’s Park and at Paddington Street Gardens.

Secondary: there are two breaks a day during which the students can utilise our courtyard. In the summer months, there are frequent trips at lunchtime trips to Hyde Park

Do children learn a second language?

Yes. We offer French, Spanish and Mandarin as part of our curriculum. In addition, students in the Upper MYP classes and at the Diploma level may learn their Mother Tongue.