Our testimonials

We are proud to be loved by students and parents alike. Read what people have to say below.

A safe, fun and challenging learning environment.
— Alexandra, parent
I like that the teachers are very friendly, because it is easy to talk to them.
— Aryam, DP1 student
The best international school I’ve ever seen.
— Ik, parent
I love the atmosphere of ICS. I feel safe here and I know the teachers are there to support me. It is easy to mingle with other people and because the school is smaller, harder to feel isolated. If I need any help, there is always someone there to ask.
— Daniel, DP2 student
ICS is a special school because it encourages its students to be open-minded by exposing them to diverse cultures from around the world.
— Batrisyia, MYP student
Our teachers are hard working and charismatic. Because of this, their lessons are enjoyable. They are also very concerned with the future of the students, and want us to succeed.
— ICS DP student
I have learnt a lot of life lessons at ICS, but the most valuable one must surely be this: Everyone has the power to take action.
— Zoya, MYP student
Our experience with ICS has been extraordinary in all matters.
— ICS parent
— Li, parent
The atmosphere is perfect. It makes me feel safe and warm.
— ICS parent
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