Tuition fees

This page lists academic fees. Please read our terms and conditions.

(Click 2018-19 Fees for a PDF version which includes fees for special educational needs, clubs, and summer school). 

Our 2019-20 academic fees can be viewed here.

Academic fees 2018-2019

Registration fee


Enrolment fee


Tuition deposit


School development fee (first full year of enrolment only)


PYP Nursery, Reception, Years 1-3
£8,080 Spring: £6,470 Summer: £4,850


PYP Years 4-6 &
£9,000 Spring: £7,200 Summer: £5,400


MYP Years 1-3 &
£9,710 Spring: £7,760 Summer: £5,830


MYP Years 4-5
£10,500 Spring: £8,400 Summer: £6,300


MYP5 eAssessment fee (one-off payment added to second invoice)


DP Years 1-2
£10,830 Spring: £8,670 Summer: £6,500


DP2 IB examination fees (one-off payment added to second invoice)


IB Diploma ESS/biology trip


Extra tuition: Primary/Secondary

£69 per hour

Additional language tuition
Autumn: £1,670 Spring: £1,330 Summer: £1,000


Cambridge/IELTS examination fees (includes administrative fee)


Online Diploma Course Fee (correct as of 17/01/18)




Door-to-door minibus
£1,210 Spring: £960 Summer: £730


Online Fee Transfer (if applicable)


  • The non-refundable £250 application fee must be paid upon submission of the ICS Application Form.

  • The £2,000 tuition deposit must be paid within seven days of an offer of a place in the school in order to retain the place. The tuition deposit is held by the school until the student leaves and will be refunded upon a written request advising where and to who the deposit should be returned. The tuition deposit will be returned only if one term's notice of withdrawal has been given in writing and all financial obligations have been met.

  • Additional fees may be charged for student support. The support programme is specific to the individual student and is agreed during the admissions process.