English Language Requirements

The language of instruction at ICS is English. We have a long tradition of working with students who are developing their command of English and who, with support, can be successfully integrated into our full curriculum.

English language learners may enter our IB Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programmes, subject to the criteria below.

IB Primary Years Programme (ages 3-11 years)

·       Nursery to Year 2: we accept a small percentage of ‘beginner’ level speakers into these classes and students may be required to have a Skype interview as part of their admissions process to gain a better understanding of their English level.

·       Year 3 to Year 6: The minimum expectation is ‘pre-intermediate’ which is equivalent to: A2 on Common European Framework or Cambridge ‘Flyers’ Certificate/Cambridge Key Certificate (KET). Students may be required to have a Skype interview during the admission process to gain a better understanding of their English level.

·       Based on each PYP class profile, beginning English level students may be placed on a waiting list. This is to ensure that our classrooms are an appropriate balance of learning levels for a rigorous programme.

IB Middle Years Programme (ages 11-16 years) and Diploma Programme (ages 16-19 years)

Where students do not have one of the following to attest to their level of English, they will be required to take an online English language test and have a Skype interview to determine their English language level:

·       For MYP: a Cambridge KET/PET Certificate or a report from their previous school stating their Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) level.

·       For DP: IELTS or the equivalent Cambridge FCE Certificate from the Cambridge Suite for International Language Examinations.

Students can be tested on arrival at ICS to determine areas to target for improvement.

Diploma students who need to raise their academic level of English may be required to take a three- (rather than two-) year Diploma Programme.

Mother tongue lessons

Mother tongue lessons will be scheduled at the end of the school day or as the timetable allows. All mother tongue courses are charged as an additional cost. 

Please contact us, if you require further information about English language requirements or the admissions process for English language learners.

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