Conversational English in London

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Where better to practice speaking the English language than in London?

This unique course focuses on the most important aspect of language learning: natural conversation. Expert English tuition in the classroom, building fluency and understanding, is combined with guided London excursions where students use their developing language skills in the real world.

Thematic learning
Each week focuses on a particular theme, such as culture, history, commerce, or the environment. Learners take part in a variety of fun yet challenging activities focusing on interactions with native English speakers to develop and test their skills. Lessons end with a review, in which the class considers linguistic learning opportunities from the day.

Confidence in speaking
Learners’ independence grows as they gain confidence in the English language and in their knowledge of London. In addition, they develop critical thinking skills, such as an ability to ask questions, research, analyse and evaluate.

Course information 

Dates: 26 June - 25 August

Course length: 1-4 weeks

Classroom size: 15-20

Age: 14-17

Cost per week: £595

Levels:  All

It’s a beautiful idea to discover London and improve our English. The teachers are qualified and we were very safe and happy. I really love this course!
— Igor, 2016 Discover London student
Neil YoungSummer School